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Courtroom Critters offers Elite Therapy Dog Teams in time of need.  They do not charge a fee. 

They are all volunteers. 



They specialize in victims, survivors and witnesses of traumatic crime and work with the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, Lawyers, Police, Domestic Violence Shelters and other community resources.


If you are in need of a Therapy Dog to help you, your organization or group

with anxiety or trying situation, you can count on Courtroom Critters. 

Please contact them directly on their website:

Nevada Paws - The Link is honored to be in support of Courtroom Critters and the Animal Kindness Foundation.

Both organizations, mission and goals within our community is to show support to all those in need and those that want to engage and grown with an open mind and heart with others in our community!

 A true gift of providing a certified therapy dog in time of need and offer learning and community service opportunities to give back to those within our community through various social and emotional outreach programs. 

We appreciate and are grateful to Courtroom Critters, all of their volunteers and dogs that give back to the community in times of need.

Who We Are

Here at Animal Kindness Foundation, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support, understanding, encouragement, engagement and expanding the mind and heart to be open. The Animal Kindness Foundation is dedicated to creating a kinder world for all through social emotional learning community outreach programs, fostering peoples' love of animals to teach empathy, kindness, concern and social awareness for a more compassionate world. 


Social Emotional Learning is the ability to cope with challenges, connect with others, and make wise choices. This ability is essential for success in school and life. 

SEL can be learned at any age, from preschool to adulthood.

People don’t come into the world with SEL skills. They need to acquire them through practice and guidance. Afterschool programs can play a key role in teaching SEL skills to students. Some students may also need extra help to make the most of SEL, participating in community service learning activities.

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